Kain Ela @ Pre-Cut Fabric

All are pre-cut fabric of 4 meters each.

The Italian Silk is a blend of silk & light satin. It's washable and resilient to creasing.  Made of fine high quality fabric, its light, cool, comfy fabric with vibrant prints will afford you a gorgeous piece of dress, gown or baju kurung/kebaya. And its attractively bold vibrant prints would make the wearer the envy of others.

The Chiffon Georgette is a sort of silky chiffon fabric with a sheer texture & a faint shimmer. The fabric drapes beautifully & falls into soft, languid flares & ripples. Suitable for gowns, dresses, baju kurung etc as it adds a floaty look to it. This one here though of fine weave and sheer, still it's opaque enough that no lining is needed. It's also washable & resilient to creasing.

N. Price: RM96 each  Now RM80 each

 Chiffone Georgette - Zesty Lilac

Italian Silk - Sketchy Amber

Italian Silk - Fuschia Burst

Italian Silk - Rainbow Glow

Italian Silk - Sketchy Teal

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